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Real FX Slotless Racing Review.

We bought this as a Christmas gift . i’ve got to mention that it’s particular fun. though it’s counseled for eight years+, we will management the automobile simply by victimization the throttle trigger. The sensors within the automobile attempt to keep the car on the track in assisted mode. For older kids (and huge youngsters […]

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit Review.

We are fans of Scalextrik and ever on the design out permanently wholesome fun for the full family, that doesn’t involve being brainwashed or oversubscribed down the road… i used to be genuinely sceptical concerning this. And after I saw the shiny ads punctuated with even additional reports of failing technology was in 2 minds. […]

Slot auto racing seeing revivification in downtown Gobles

Slot auto racing is seeing a breath of new life in Gobles, Michigan with the recently opened Slot automotive INC. on State Street. The 3 tracks within cater to tug cars, and 2 totally different sizes of slot automotive tracks. Kevin Ketchum owns 2 locations of his Klassic Arcade in Gobles, and simply detached Slot […]

Slot Car Components – What Are They?

America was in the midst of a cultural overhauling during the sixties. Among the fads that became very popular during this time was slot car racing. Decades after the craze over slot car racing has fizzled out, many enthusiasts are still stuck in the hobby. Slot car racing miniature models of actual cars that are […]

What Is The Slot Car Track And How Does It Work

Without the slot car track, all slot cars are nothing more than beautiful recreation of the actual model of cars on the road. The track is what gives the slot car reason to exist. The racetrack of slot cars clearly defines what slot cars are. The ‘slot’ in the name refers to the shallow groves […]

What You Need To Know About Slot Cars?

Slot cars are small replicas of automobiles designed to scale. They race along a fixed track with slot or groove. The word “slot” in the name of these automobiles is derived from those shallow grooves or channels place on the track to assist vehicles as they go through turns and twists and along straight sections. […]

Driving Abroad – Know Your Laws

Everyone likes a holiday every now and again, and if you can bring your car along then it can be even better. Knowing that you can go off the beaten track and holiday the way you want to has its attractions, ones nobody can deny. On the flip side, if you are holidaying in a […]

Pimping Your Ride – Or Making Your Car Look And Drive Better

The popular US TV series Pimp Your Ride, which has been exported to other TV markets in recent years, is a logical conclusion to the popular hobby of auto modification. People all over the world look at their cars and think “I can make this better – faster and better looking, and it will corner […]

Racing For Sport – Formula One Motor Racing

The single word “car” can be used to describe any one of a number of different kinds of vehicle, from the comfortable family sedan to the armored people carrier, and indeed to the sports cars that are driven around tracks by professional drivers. You’ll never see a Formula One car on a public road outside […]

Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your HO Slot Cars

Slot cars are powered small vehicles that are assisted by a slot or groove set in the tracks on which they run. At the bottom of the car is a blade or pin that keeps the car in the slot. To make the car run, the metal strips placed next to the slot deliver power […]

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