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Slot Car Components – What Are They?

America was in the midst of a cultural overhauling during the sixties. Among the fads that became very popular during this time was slot car racing. Decades after the craze over slot car racing has fizzled out, many enthusiasts are still stuck in the hobby. Slot car racing miniature models of actual cars that are […]

Slot Car Racing For Newbies

Slot cars have been around for decades and children of all ages have, in one way or another, experienced the thrill of racing miniature models of their favorite cars, whether by watching adults race slot cars or by growing up racing the cars themselves. But not everyone is very familiar with the hobby because as […]

Road Safety: Kill Your Speed, Not A Person

Laws governing drivers are often controversial, as one driver may be more skilful than others and less likely to make mistakes that will cause danger to other road users. This leads to the situation where a driver will say “I don’t see why I should be penalized because I’m a better driver than someone else”. […]

Drinking And Driving – It’s Never OK

One of the most troubling issues regarding motoring, in any country, is that of people driving their cars while under the influence of alcohol. The laws governing acceptable drinking and driving differ in many countries, but just about every country in the world has a law regarding drinking and driving. The base point seems to […]

A Touch Of Art – The Art Car

Can a car be a work of art? There are some who would suggest that the best automobiles out there are an example of art at its most practical. A lot of design goes into making a car aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing, and fans of sports cars will often make the point that the car […]

Putting The Pedal To The Metal – Do You Want Nitro With That?

Nitrous oxide is one of the most divisive issues for car enthusiasts in this day and age. As an add-on for souped-up cars, its most notable contribution is to take the top speed of the car a few notches higher, making it a popular inclusion for people who take part in drag races. However, there […]

Slot Car Maintenance – Some Things You Should Not Miss

You can’t expect to win every race if your slot car is not in its best condition. Like real race cars, slot cars require routine check-up and maintenance to ensure that they are always running at the their best performance every time you put them on the track. Carrying out routine maintenance on slot cars […]

Overview Of Slot Car Racing

Slot car racing was popularized in the 1960s although the hobby has been around a few decades earlier. The first commercial slot cars were made during 1912 by an American company called Lionel. From then on, it was only a matter of time until mass production of slot cars were fully realized. Several decades after […]

Getting To Know Slot Cars

If you love cars and get off on speed as much as I do, you would do well to try slot car racing. Slot cars have been popular since the late 1950s, and despite the proliferation of many other hobbies ever since, slot car racing is still very much in the mainstream. The fun factor […]

Slot Car Racing – Bringing Out The Driver In You

It takes decent driving skills to win at any slot car racing competitions. And as with anything that involves skills, constant practice leads to gradual improvement. Here are a few advices on how you can make it into the winner’s circle. Practice staying on course. Staying on the track is a rarity in slot car […]

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