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Tips On Maintaining Slot Cars

Are you familiar with the cliché that goes, “Don’t fix it if it is not yet broken”? Apparently, this does not work out every time. Take the case of your slot cars, for example. Just like life-size automobiles, there will come a time when age would ultimately take its toll on them. They’re not necessarily […]

7-Step Guide To Building A Fast Car

Readying the slot car for a race is, without a doubt, crucial to winning. Sometimes, it’s all that separates one car from another in the race track in terms of performance. So how to you ready the car for a race? Here is a 7-step guide. Inspection The first step is to inspect the entire […]

Best Slot Car Scale For You

Slot cars come in different scales – from the smaller HO scale to the larger 1:24 scale. The best scale size for you actually depends on how much room you can use to work with it and what you are planning to do with the car. Most slot car drivers these days settle with the […]

Buying Slot Cars And Slot Car Accessories

Slot car racing is a very popular hobby among miniature car racing enthusiasts. It satisfies the inner speed demons among us and is a relatively inexpensive hobby for people who love building model cars. In this article, we will provide you with information that can help you not only save on buying slot cars and […]

Detailed History Of Slot Cars

Does your kid love racing? To make him experience the joy and excitement of being on a race track without actually driving a real race car, you should think of buying him a slot car set. Slot cars are replicas of actual automobiles with bodies made purposely for miniature racing. While there are commercially available […]

4 Essential Tips To Become A Winner In Slot Car Racing

It would be a waste if a top-grade slot car is not properly cared for. In the sport of slot car racing, proper maintenance and effective improvisation almost always determine the victor. And if you’re serious about being competitive in slot car racing, it’d do you well to heed the tips that are going to […]

The Basics Of Preparing For Slot Car Racing

Each racing event follows a different process of organizing races. The components below are among the most common ones that can be observed in many major racing circuits. Individual Preparation The winners of different races seem to be those drivers who have made their preparations. Well-conditioned cars stand a much higher chances of winning the […]

The Slot Car Controller For Each Type Of Slot Car Racing System

Slot car racing, by the name itself, is focused on controlling the car while on the track. The name ‘slot’ itself refers to the grooves in the racetrack that prevents the cars from falling off of the track. But slot car racing needs more than grooves for total control. Drivers need to have something in […]

Conventional VS Digital – Which Slot Car Best Suits You

There wouldn’t have been a choice if we were living in the sixties. But as it is, slot car racers are polarized between sticking to the traditional system used by conventional slot cars and the modern appeal of digital slot cars. Here, we will walk you through the differences between the 2 types of slot […]

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