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The Digital And Conventional Types Of Slot Cars

The types of slot cars available in the market these days are basically divided into the limitations that technology imposes on the make of the car. One is the good old system of conventional slot cars and the other is the new form of racing presented by digital slot cars. Conventional Slot Cars Conventional slot […]

The Many Aspects Of Slot Car Track Layouts

Perhaps the most detailed component of slot car racing is the track layout. While the main objective of the hobby is to race, collect gorgeous cars, and enhance these cars’ performance and capacity, there are plenty of enthusiasts who take pains to build elaborate slot car tracks with layouts that would cause even the best […]

Slot Cars – Their Components And Scale Sizes

There is more to slot cars than just being miniature mock-ups of real race cars. Most of them are lovingly made from scratch by slot aficionados and most of these cars can be modified to achieve better performance. Driving skills matter a lot in slot car racing because nothing’s really keeping the car on track […]

Slot Cars: Racing Tracks And Track Layout

Slot car racing is a competitive hobby which makes use of miniature replicas of genuine race cars. These mock-ups are guided by slots or grooves so they stay on track as they race against each other. This hobby ranges from usual family gatherings around home tracks to serious competitions wherein contenders carefully make or modify […]

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