Satechi CD Slot automobile Mount Review: Slim, Sleek & Magnetic

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Satechi incorporates a pretty sleek wanting automobile mount that creates your CD Slot helpful once more. Satechi incorporates a whole line of automobile mounts for mounting your phone whereas you’re driving, and also the CD Slot model may be a pretty attention-grabbing one to test out. This slides into your CD Slot and uses magnets to carry it in situ. It’s a reasonably easy mount, and may work pretty much, right? Well that’s not continuously the case. We’ve been exploitation this automobile mount for some weeks, and it’s not an ideal automobile mount, however is it adequate for you to use in your car? Let’s know in our full review. Installation Installation is pretty easy as you’d expect. simply slide the automobile mount into the CD wring your car. It doesn’t go all the method into the slot sort of a CD would, therefore it’s not visiting injury the electronic equipment in your automobile – if you are doing still use that CD player. Afterwards, all you would like to try to to is attach a magnet to your phone then place it on the mount, that is pretty easy. However, Satechi will one thing here that I’m a giant fan of. It includes 2 magnets with adhesive on the rear. however it conjointly includes a bit of film. therefore you’ll be able to attach the magnet to the film and place it within your case. That method you aren’t putt a magnet on your phone or attaching it to your case. this can be an honest factor for some reasons, however primarily as a result of it’s virtually not possible to urge these magnets off of your phone or case, they keep on with them and stick very well. Secondly, if you purchase a brand new phone, you’ll want a brand new magnet or maybe a new automobile mount. however this manner you’ll be able to simply take the magnet out and place it within a brand new case, pretty simply. when the magnet is hooked up to the phone, all you would like to try to to is place your phone on the mount and you’re sensible to travel. There are 2 magnets within, a smaller circular one then a bigger squircle magnet, that goes to be the higher possibility for larger phones, since it will have a bigger space. And that’s it extremely. Satechi’s automobile mount is super simple to require off of the CD Slot and place in another car – that is nice for taking it into a rental car. Build Quality Satechi is pretty well-known for its build quality with totally different accessories. sometimes its product are product of metal and appearance very nice. that’s partly the case here. The automobile mount is truly principally product of plastic – a minimum of the section that slides into your CD slot. but the particular mount with the magnet that holds your phone in situ is created of metal. that makes it look nice and desire its high-quality. the particular mount may be adjusted to totally different angles, although it’s not as adjustable as some dashboard automobile mounts out there, that is apprehensible, on condition that this can be pretty little, therefore there’s not plenty of space for doing that. once your phone isn’t hooked up thereto, the mount simply seems like a black circle on your CD Slot, which, whereas doesn’t look that nice, will look pretty tight. Of course, you’ll simply take it out and place it elsewhere (maybe the glove box?) once you’re not exploitation it. Overall the build quality on this automobile mount is truly pretty shocking, however which may even be why this automobile mount will price the maximum amount because it does. It runs for regarding $20, and for a automobile mount, that’s quite an little bit of cash, however its build quality will scream premium, that is why it commands that tag. Driving With The Satechi CD Slot automobile Mount counting on wherever the CD Slot is found in your car, it’s going to not be the best place to mount your phone. except for my Ford feast, it’s right within the center, and it’s simple to determine it whereas driving, however while not taking my eyes off of the road. that makes it the best position for mounting a phone, since the air vents are a bit too near the handwheel, creating it robust to determine the screen. This automobile mount can work with any smartphone, since it’s universal, and that we did attempt it with some totally different phones, together with the Moto G6 and component 2XL. It worked pretty much and may be drained each landscape and portrait modes. However, what we tend to did realize here is that the magnet isn’t quite robust enough to carry heavier phones in situ. The component a pair of XL is okay, as long as you don’t have an important case on the component a pair of XL. therefore if you’re wanting to use this with a bigger phone, you’re visiting need to urge a slimmer case, or the phone can fall off of the mount. Otherwise, driving with the component a pair of XL mounted on this mount was really pretty pleasant. As mentioned, it’s within the right position in my vehicle so it’s simple to use and see whereas driving. It will work nicely in landscape mode – although I most well-liked portrait mode – and does what it’s presupposed to do. therefore if you’re one that likes to drive around with Waze or Google Maps open, it’s a good mount to select up and just do that. finish The Satechi CD Slot automobile Mount is sort of a touch costlier than several alternative smartphone mounts out there, seeing as several run beneath $10 and CD Slot models running around $15. For $20, you’re obtaining an honest wanting, and well-built automobile mount for your vehicle. the sole real issue with this automobile mount is that it can’t handle heavier devices, since the magnet isn’t quite robust enough. therefore if you are doing have a thicker case on your phone, you’ll need to either place it on the surface of the case, or use a distinct case. If you’re trying to find an honest wanting CD Slot automobile mount that’s conjointly designed pretty sturdily, then this can be undoubtedly the one that you simply ought to be taking a glance at. It’s obtainable on Amazon without delay for around $20 and you’ll be able to grab it from the link down below.

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